1. I agree with Christian. The Griffin logo is pretty terrible. The feather logo leaves both the Griffin and the cursive ‘Tribe’ design in the dust. It is definitely the superior image for W&M athletics. I hate to see it retired.

  2. I also think that we have too many logos, and that the Cypher is the best one. I think just one lettered logo should be picked and one for athletics.

  3. The first thing to cut down on, in my opinion, is the number of derivations of the coat-of-arms. We just need one. I agree that the cypher is great–probably our best image. I wish we’d selected that as our primary logo instead of paying for that awful \W&M\ green one.

  4. I think its clear to see that the issue with W&M’s visual identity is that there are simply too many logos, I love the idea of picking and sticking with one logo (perhpas releasing that logo to further merchandising?) While I hate to see the feather logo considered retired and unusable, I enjoy both the Cypher and the athletic slogan Tribe.

  5. Please, please, please stay away from the Griffin. It is so gaudy. I personally love the cypher which is classy and evokes that Ivy feel that the College is so proud about. I really think that sophistication is the way to go if you want to evoke an image.

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