We held our first focus group.

Last Friday, the visual identity committee held a focus group session at the Law School. Thanks to Jaime Welch-Donahue and Sally Kellam for allocating a bit of time on the busy agenda of the Law School Association board meeting. The visual identity committee has talked a lot about getting feedback from a broad range of stakeholders and this session at the Law School was our first.

We began the focus group meeting by asking the 18 participants (all lawyers!) to complete a nine-question paper survey. We wanted to gauge their initial impressions about several marks currently in use at William & Mary. Providing this list of words, we asked them to indicate what two impressions each mark evoked:

  • academic excellence
  • athletic
  • historic
  • innovative
  • majestic
  • modern
  • open
  • prestigious
  • revolutionary
  • tradition

During the next several weeks, we’ll be doing a whole series of these focus groups. We’ll meet with faculty members, students, staff, and more alumni.

– Susan T. Evans