Audiences tested.

Visual identity work is moving along. We are fortunate to have many within the William &  Mary community who are interested in our work. We have officially completed our current round of focus group testing. Although, I expect we are not done done. Future decisions and recommendations will need an audience testing phase and we’re not likely to be out of practice when it’s time for more focus groups.

Here’s some summary info about the focus groups we used for audience testing:

  • 9 focus groups were conducted during the period of April 15 – May 24, 2011
  • A total of 84 people participated in the focus group meetings
  • 44 of the 84 participants (more than half) were alumni of William & Mary (Note: 3 of the 44 currently work at W&M.)
  • Each focus group session lasted between 30 – 45 minutes
  • The total number of participants for each audience category:
    • Law School Alumni Association Board – 18
    • Faculty – 7 (two groups)
    • Staff – 9
    • Professionals and Professional Faculty – 13
    • Students – 11 (two groups)
    • W&M Foundation Board of Directors – 11
    • Tribe Club Board – 15

The next step is to take our tested recommendations to various campus communication committees that meet in June including the College Communications Council, the Communications Working Group, and the President’s Communication Council.

– Susan T. Evans