We’re back!

The Visual Identity Committee took time during the fall semester to regroup after the departure of Susan Evans and focus on regaining the momentum achieved by the Committee last year. Cindy Baker, Associate Director of Creative Services and Carolyn K. Davis, Director of Auxiliary Services, were appointed co-chairs of the Committee.

We held our first meeting on December 5 to assess where we were and how best to move forward. The consensus was to divide the work ahead in two phases. Phase one will be to take the recommendations approved in the Design Roadmap for Visual Identity (pdf) and build a website accordingly. The second phase will be to delve into the first two recommendations concerning a single logo that includes a historic graphic element and wordmark along with further discussion of the use of the coat of arms and cypher. The design subcommittee has been convened to address these issues.

The Visual Identity Committee will continue to keep you posted. Thank you for following us!

Carolyn K. Davis